IoT Data Analytics Report 2016

Featuring 47 IoT Analytics Tools and Services.

Ideya Business and Marketing Consultancy Ltd. and Camrosh Ltd. Market Report, May 23rd, 2016.

This report offers an overview of the IoT Data Analytics Market created through elaborate research and profiling of forty seven (47) IoT Data Analytics tools and services worldwide, including key product features, product IoT use cases, product screenshots, pricing and client information.

Ideya and Camrosh Ltd. are pleased to announce the publication of the 1st Edition of the IoT Data Analytics Report 2016.

The Internet of Things is increasingly becoming a disruptive force for many industries by connecting the physical world to the Internet and consequently changing the fundamentals of business models. Transactional models of selling goods are changing to service models where the value of the data generated through the interaction of the user with the object is higher than the original purchased transaction. This model also applies to industrial goods, turning them to long-term revenue generating assets by transforming data into insights about the user's business.

Although sensors and connectivity are the foundations of the IoT revolution in terms of hardware and infrastructure, without the ability to analyse and generate insights from the data, no real value can be generated from the IoT revolution.This ability is provided by a rapidly increasing number of IoT Data Analytics Tools.

We are aware that a number of market reports on the Internet of Things have been published recently, analyzing the market from different angles. Providers typically focus on a few, well established tools and services and currently, none of these comprehensive reports give a broad overview of the IoT analytics market, its players and products. The purpose of this report is to fill the gap and provide an up-to- date, comprehensive view of the IoT analytics market and its product offerings. The report provides:

  • Elaborate profiles of forty seven (47) IoT Analytics tools and services including key product features, pricing and contact information,
  • Definition of important IoT Analytics concepts and key product applications,
  • Pricing and client information,
  • Up-to-date market trends and M&A activity in the IoT data analytics market,
  • A guide for selecting and using IoT data analytic products.
Take a more strategic approach to selecting and employing IoT Analytics for long term benefits and success
Figure 1. Strategic Approach to Selecting and Employing IoT Data Analytics Solutions
Who will benefit from this report?

We hope to enable companies and individuals to make effective decisions about the selection and use of IoT analytics tools and services in their business. The information in each of the tool/vendor profiles is laid out in a uniform and structured way to provide the reader with an easy format to browse and learn about each IoT Data Analytics tool covering all essential aspects of the Analytics process, including:

  • Data Sources, Data Preparation, Data Storage & Processing, Data Analysis, Data Presentation, Administration Management, Engagement/Action Management, Security and Reliability, Integration, Development Tools and Customizations, Customer Support,
  • Other factors influencing purchasing decision including Scalability, Flexibility, Vendor's Years in Business, Vendor's Company Status and Number of Employees, Vendor's Industry Focus, Product Use Cases, Pricing and Key IoT Clients.

The Analysis part of the Report provides a detailed guide to selecting and using IoT Data Analytics tools and services, definitions of important IoT and IoT Data Analytics concepts, key applications, and up-to- date information on market trends, including M&A activity, partnership ecosystem, and more.

Information in this report can be useful to a broad range of organisations and individuals who are interested in identifying the relevant IoT data analytics products and services and the overall market trends, in particular:

  • Large corporations and enterprises that want to build an ecosystem of relevant and reliable IoT tools and service suppliers to establish IoT based systems, to increase efficiencies and leverage big data to drive revenue growth and innovation in new products and services,
  • Government agencies and other not-for- profit organisations that want to invest in updating their systems and services to take advantage of 21st century technology and offer optimum services, while keeping operational costs down,
  • Small, and midsize companies and start-ups wishing to employ IoT Data Analytics and Services to maximize their current capabilities, design new business models, and gain insights from Big IoT data to support their business growth,
  • Big Data and Analytics Companies looking for a comprehensive understanding of the market and new partnerships or acquisition targets for growth,
  • IoT ecosystem players that wish to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape as well as the ecosystem they operate in. These companies include Cloud-based Service Providers, IoT Application Developers and Aggregators, Data Processing and Management Companies, Managed Service and Middleware Companies, Semiconductor Companies, Telecom Infrastructure Suppliers, Embedded System Companies, Data as a Service (DaaS) Companies, Security, Privacy, and Identity Management Companies,
  • Public Investment Organisations and Private Investors wishing to invest in the IoT Analytics market.
Study participants:

We want to thank the following IoT Analytics vendors for taking time to review their profiles, so our clients can get the most up-to- date information on their products and services:

Accenture Plc (Accenture Insight Platform), Bright Wolf, LLC (Bright Wolf Strandz IoT Platform), Bit Stew Systems Inc. (Bit Stew MIx Core and MIX Director), Falkonry Inc. (Falkonry), Glassbeam Inc. (Glassbeam Analytics), IBM Corporation (IBM Streams), Measurence Inc. (Measurence), Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics), MongoDB, Inc. (MongoDB), Sensewaves (Sensewaves Sweave), Space Time Insight, Inc. (Space Time Insight), SpliceMachine Inc. (SpliceMachine), Teradata Corporation (Teradata), X15 Software Inc. (X15 Software), Tellient (Tellient IoT Analytics), waylay BVBA (Waylay), and others.

IoT Data Analytics Report 2016
Published: May, 2016
PART 1: Analysis
PART 2: IoT Data Analytics Directory - Profiles of 47 IoT Analytics
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