Luisa Milic, Director

Luisa Milic is the founder and Director of Ideya Business and Marketing Consultancy Ltd. in Cambridge, UK, launched in October 2004. As an expert in market research and analysis, marketing, business and strategic planning, Luisa offers her services to businesses from across many different industries and sectors as diverse as manufacturing and retail, consumer products, public services, education, entertainment, hospitality, IT organizations and consultancies.

Based on 12 years working experience with KPMG LLP in the United States and 18 years of working experience in Europe, Luisa has built methodologies which allow efficient adaption to the needs of various markets and projects. Part of her work includes seminar on usage of various methods for market research and analysis, which are intended for companies providing such services and facilitation of strategic planning workshops. Luisa has been also involved in preparation of business plans within the European projects (FP6/FP7), with the goals to make the project results meaningful from the business perspective, achieve realization that is economically efficient and ensure long term benefit of the EU investment. As part of these efforts, Luisa has been collaborating with various EC projects partners on preparation of business plans, formulation of strategies and business models related to the exploitation of technical and ideological solutions developed through these projects.

Luisa has been involved in mentoring start up executives, program delegates and researchers at various programmes at University of Cambridge including Impulse Programme's One to One Clinics (2017-2022), Judge Business School Ignite Programme's One to One Clinics (2010-2015), Etech Programme (2014-15), EnterpriseWISE Programme (2015-16) and CfEL Innovation Boost Camp Programme One to One Clinics (2012). For the last several years, she has been also part of the Mentoring Programme offered by Ivy Exec in the US, one of the leading source for career information and job postings for high caliber professionals helping their members develop career advancement strategies through one-on- one virtual mentoring sessions.

Luisa is a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. She holds a Master Degree in two majors: Management and Policy Analysis from Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh PA and Bachelor Degree in Economics and International Business at University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Luisa Milic e-mail: lmilic@ideya.eu.com