Our Clients

At Ideya Business and Marketing Consultancy, our main purpose is to help our clients make a smarter, informed and timely business decisions and help them solve key issues facing their company. Our clients come from across many different industries and sectors as diverse as manufacturing, retail, public services, entertainment, hospitality, education, IT, health care and financial services organizations and consultancies. Ideya's services apply to products, services, policy development and business and strategic planning. Some of the projects we worked on with our clients are:

Market Reports and Advice Project Examples

We deliver to our clients top-class market research reports and analysis on products, technologies, markets, industries, or any topic that interest them. We are problem solvers and work hard to understand our clients' needs and assist them in making the right business decisions and strategies.

Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report (2010-2017) - Editions: 1st Edition (July 2010) - 8th Edition ( November 2017)

Among the reports that are available to a wider audience, we offer an annual report on Social Media Monitoring Technologies to help organizations understand the SMM market and technologies and guide them in the selection of SMM tools to boost their business performance, communication and customer engagements.

Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report is currently the most comprehensive SMM technology report on the market, featuring the analysis, guide and elaborate profiles of over 200 social media monitoring technologies and services worldwide. In the last several years, the report has been used by large organizations such as The Coca Cola Company, Lexis Nexis, Gnip Inc/Twitter, Sky Network TV, IMF Health, Orange/France Telecom, Detecon International GmbH, and many others, as well as small and mid-size companies such as Tourism Ireland, Bratton Technologies, Inc., Astute Solutions, and many others.

Other market reports available include IoT Data Analytics Report produced in collaboration with Camrosh Ltd., in 2016, as well as a range of custom market reports specifically tailored to meet specific needs of our clients.

Ideya Ltd. has successfully served numerous clients in the area of market research and analysis. We have over 20 years of experience in conducting market research and analysis at KPMG and through our independent consultancy. To fully respect confidentiality of our clients and sensitive nature of their projects, we are able to share with you only general information on some of these projects:

  • Entry and Positioning: We have assisted our clients in development of market specific business models and marketing strategies to help them leverage its intellectual capital into multiple revenue streams and market opportunities, build awareness, customer base and market share. Understanding the market and market opportunities, as well as gaps in the market, provided our clients with important inputs into their market and product strategy.
  • Market Landscape and Opportunity Assessment: We helped numerous clients exploit the evolving marketing landscape and opportunity, including market characteristics, size, growth, market trends, key market drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges, unmet needs, key players, competitors, pricing, product & services, underlying business models, distribution channels, regulatory issuers and others to help them identify new business opportunities, modify key propositions, branding and establish strategies for innovation and growth.
  • Market Feasibility Studies: We have helped our clients understand the process of taking their novel technologies to market by assisting them in assessing commercial potential of their idea, invention or technology and creating their commercialization strategy.
  • Product Diversification: We have worked with scientists and consultancies on defining product functionality, packaging, premiumization, branding and other topics. We have performed detailed market analysis and developed case studies on well-known brands such as Actimel, Aviva, Pot Noodle, Haagen Dazs, innocent Smoothies, Pringles, Amoy and many others.
  • Market Research Training: We have designed and offered market research training specifically designed to meet our clients' needs and interests and assisted them in performing efficient secondary market research and analysis in their specific industry segment.
  • Market Overview, Entry and Positioning: Personal Care Product Analysis: We have offered detailed analysis of specific personal care products currently available in the market, which with various degree of success address personal care issue. The analysis has addressed questions such as product effectiveness, safety, value (pricing), credibility, consumer access, and complexity of the treatments.
  • Public Sector/Tourism: We have worked on Sustainable development in tourism project providing a detailed overview of tourism indicators and methodologies to be used in evaluating tourism supply. The aim of the project was to help tourism community to track and analyze tourism indicators in support of development of their marketing plans and strategies.
  • Public Sector/Marketing Strategies: We have developed market and political positioning strategy for Developing a City Portal.
  • Public Sector/Education: We have assisted public universities develop strategic plans for development of their research and lifelong learning functions.

Strategic Planning Project Examples

We offer to our clients a fresh and objective perspective in creative strategies to respond to the opportunities or challenges. We have assisted our clients in preparation of the strategic planning process, moderation of the Strategic planning workshops and development of strategic plans. Some examples include:

The University Strategic Lifelong Learning Plan (2012-2014)

As a part of the Tempus IV 3rd Call Project of the Commission of the European Communities DELLCO project (2010-2013)

Project No: 511382-TEMPUS- 1-2010;

The project entailed preparation of the planning process, moderation of the Strategic Planning Workshop and development of the three-year Strategic Lifelong Learning Plan (2012-2014) to facilitate development of the University LLL function by creating  flexible and adaptable programmes and courses that will be compatible with the fast changing labour market and societal needs of the country and the region. Number of partners: 8

Evaluation of Research Activities and Strategic Planning of Research at the University of Montenegro (2009-2010)

FP7 Specific Support Action, Capacities - Research Potential, EVOLUNIMONT project; Project No: 229958;

The project entailed preparation of the strategic planning process, planning audit, facilitation of the two days strategic research planning workshop and development of the strategic document to facilitate research and research management.

Business Planning Project Examples

We guide our clients through the process of writing the perfect business plan. We closely work with our clients on development of their vision, mission, goals and values, milestones toward company sustainability and growth, product and service analysis, market analysis (overview, market drivers, factors, market trends, competitive analysis, and target market segment strategies), business models and strategies, detailed financial analysis and risk analysis related to company operations.

The Tool East and IST World two projects entailed preparation of business plans within the European funded projects with a goal to make the project results meaningful from the business perspective and ensure long term benefits of the EU investments for project partners. Deliveries included business plan to help position the IST World and Tool East companies as a sustainable businesses beyond the project duration.

FP6 Strategic Targeted Research Project Tool-East

Open SourceEnterprise Resource Planning and Order Management System for Eastern European Tool and Die Making SMEs (2006-2007) (IST-4- 027802-STP). Number of partners: 15

FP6 Specific Support Action, IST World

Knowledge Base for RTD competencies in IST (2005-2007) (IST-3- 015823-SAS); Number of partners: 15