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About Us

Worried about market potential for your new product? Concerned with the market disruptions and challenges to your business model? Missing out on the market and partnering opportunities?

Ideya Ltd. can help you address these issues and turn uncertainties and threats into opportunities. We will work with you to explore market potentials, find ways to take your technology to new customers, explore new business models, and plan for the future of your business.

Our services range from high-quality market research and analysis, business planning and strategic planning. We also offer annual reports to help organizations keep abreast the dynamic SMM and IoT Data Analytics market, as well highly customized reports across industry spectrum, specifically designed to our client needs.

By combining in-house knowledge and capabilities with expertise from industry specialists and analysts, we deliver insightful, objective advice and reports that create real business value for our clients.

Our Services

Business Planning

Ideya offers professional services dedicated to assist you with all aspect of effective business planning.

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Strategic Planning

Ideya offers strategic planning services to help you articulate your aspirations and achieve your business goals.

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Market Research

Ideya provides a full range of quantitative and qualitative research to help you develop successful business strategies.

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Our Publications

Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report 2017

The report offers elaborate profiles of one hundred seventy three (173) Social Media Monitoring (SMM) tools and services worldwide including key product features, product applications, product screenshots, pricing and client information on more than 150 SMM tools. The Analysis part of the Report also provides a detailed guide to selecting and using SMM tools and services, definition of important SMM concepts and key applications, and up-to-date information on market trends including M&A activity.

IoT Data Analytics Report 2016

This report offers an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics Market created through elaborate research and profiling of forty seven (47) IoT Data Analytics tools and services worldwide, including key product features, product IoT use cases, product screenshots, pricing and client information and up-to-date information on IoT Data Analytics market including market growth, market dynamics, M&A activity, partnerships and customer position.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves for high quality services, commitment, and excellent track in customer satisfaction, always striving to exceed our client's expectations. Ideya's commitment to our clients is to always be: