Business Planning

While feasibility studies offer an investigating function trying to address if certain business idea is viable by identifying more than one alternative to the proposed idea, business plan provides a planning function and outlines the actions needed to take the proposal from idea to reality.

We offer customized and services dedicated to assist businesses with all aspect of effective business planning, whether they are an established business or a start-up. We work closely with our clients on development of company vision, mission, goals and values, setting milestones toward company sustainability, product and service analysis, market analysis (market overview, drivers, restraints, factors, market trends, competitive analysis, and target market segment strategies), business models and strategies, detailed financial analysis and risk assessment related to the company operations.

Every organization should have a practical and realistic working business plan and as your advisor, we will be impartial, highly collaborative and professional in our approach to the planning process, applying our knowledge and experience to make sure you realize your business vision, mission and goals, and take your ideas to their full potential.

EU Projects

Ideya readily joins EU consortia of industry and academic partners who seek ways to exploit technologies from the EU projects and contribute to the economic growth of the EU nations.

We have been involved in preparation of business plans within FP6/FP7 European programmes with a goal to make the project results meaningful from the business perspective and ensure long term benefits of the EU investments.

Our engagements include preparation of business plans, formulation of strategies and sustainable business models related to the exploitation and commercialization of their technical and ideological solutions, as well as capacity building initiatives in developing economies focused on strategic planning and business development.