Facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshops

We have been successful in facilitating strategic planning workshops and developing strategic plans for our clients. We can help you deliver maximum value through effective business strategies and help you understand and define what your teams must achieve to contribute to the individual, team, and organizational short- and long-term success, while optimizing resources (budget, people, facilities, equipment, supplies, partners, knowledge and information) and minimizing risk.

Our strategic planning activities including a facilitation of Strategic Planning workshops involve:

  • Planning audit to assess the capacity of the organization to plan and build on its current strengths,
  • Collecting data across the organization, and conducting analysis to support decision makers,
  • Developing a detailed Strategic Map to facilitate the development of strategic goals and strategies,
  • Assisting your planning team with defining organizational values, vision and mission, and strategic priorities,
  • Preparing Stakeholder Analysis and SWOT Analysis,
  • Assisting you in setting  goals, objectives, and critical success factors, and,
  • Developing an action plan, implementation timetable with milestones, and key performance metrics and results.

This feeds into writing the strategic planning document that offers the framework for your future, ensuring that you continue to be known as a valued, dynamic organization that optimizes its resources, uncovers biggest opportunities and advances as you continue to achieve your goals.