Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Audit

We offer market research and advisory support to companies that are exploring Social Media Monitoring (SMM) solutions to help them understand the SMM market and technologies and guide them in the selection of SMM tools to boost their business performance, communication and customer engagements. We help companies strategically select SMM tools and services based on their specific business needs and budget by taking into account key technology features, capabilities and factors influencing purchasing decision including:

  • Data Analysis and visualization features (e.g., key metrics, trend analysis, historical data coverage, sentiment analysis, influencer profiling and analysis, viral content tracking and analysis, topic and theme analysis, world/tag cloud, competitive monitoring and analysis, campaign management and measurement, predictive analytics, etc.),
  • Data management features (data coverage including media and language coverage, data latency, alerts, data export, API integration, data archiving, etc.),
  • Process management and user interface (e.g., type of dashboard, workflow management, engagement function, publishing function, client relationship management (CRM), and
  • Factors influencing purchasing decision (e.g., pricing, clients, key product applications/use cases, industry specialization, company size, and vendor's experience).
  • Type of Social Media Tools: social media/media monitoring tools, social listening platforms, social intelligence tools, social media analytics, social media management tools, social media marketing tools, and others.

In July 2010, Ideya has published its first comprehensive Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services report comprising detailed analysis and elaborate profiles of 281 SMM technologies and services. Since then we have received numerous requests for updated versions from clients who wished to stay abreast of the dynamic SMM market.

As a result, we have decided to produce this report on an annual bases. In November 2017, we published the 8th Edition of the Report. If you are interested in finding more about the report, please visit our publication page:

Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report 2017, 8th Edition