Market Landscape and Opportunity Assessment

In highly competitive markets with a high degree of globalisation and innovation, where a synthesis of new elements are continuously coming into existence to transform the market, your company should direct its resources toward market creation, not toward market sharing.

Your success should be guaranteed not by simply solving problems your business encountered on their path, but through continuous exploitation of market opportunities. First-class market research and smart strategies should take important role in such undertaking.

There is a direct link between long-term profitability of your business and its ability to understand its market, customer's needs and the value and experience it delivers to them. We can help you identify new business opportunities, partnerships, modify key propositions, establish strategies for innovation and growth, by helping you understand the Market Landscape and Opportunity Assessment Framework, which entails detailed insight into

Our methods include Primary Research (surveys, face-to- face interviews, telephone interviews, analysis of collected data) and Secondary Research (usage of prominent databases such as Lexis Nexis, EBSCO, Dun & Bradstreet, OneSource, various Web resources, social networks and others).

  • Market characteristics,
  • Market sie and growth,
  • Key market drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges,
  • Unmet needs,
  • Underlying business models,
  • Pricing,
  • Distribution channels,
  • Regulatory issues and other issues facing your company.

Our methods include Primary Research (surveys, face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, analysis of collected data) and Secondary Research (usage of prominent databases such as Lexis Nexis, EBSCO, Dun & Bradstreet, OneSource, various Web resources, social networks and others).

Mapping Business Ecosystems and Partners

The convergence of various industries is removing traditional boundaries between industries and creating new value and opportunities in the marketplace. We help companies understand a rapidly evolving and largely unexplored business ecosystem and help them identify, map, and profile a diverse types of products and services, customers, vendors, competitors and partners in order to create and sustain successful ecosystems for their company, optimise their business and partner ecosystem, and identify potential threats, opportunities, and potential acquisition targets.

A business ecosystem entails a dynamic structure of interrelated organizations, which highly depend on each other for mutual benefits. We can assist you in mapping and profiling of your

  • Core Business Ecosystem (direct suppliers, core contributors, distribution channels),
  • Extended Enterprise Ecosystem (direct customers, customers of my customers, suppliers of complimentary product and services, suppliers of my suppliers, etc.), and
  • Business Ecosystem (investors and owners, labour unions, competitors, trade associations, government agencies, regulatory organizations and other stakeholders).
Market Feasibility Studies

If you are a researcher, scientist, innovator, start-up, or even a mature business, we can help you understand the process of taking your novel technologies to market. We can assist you in assessing commercial potential of your idea, invention, or technology and help you develop commercialisation strategy based on high quality market research, commercial evaluation and feasibility report.
The Feasibility report entails

  • Due diligence on the technology,
  • Identification of potential applications,
  • Value proposition,
  • Identification of market opportunities,
  • Market size and market attractiveness,
  • Market drivers and restraints,
  • Routes to market,
  • Key competitors,
  • Research and development plans,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Business model development,
  • Pricing model development,
  • Financial projections,
  • Risk recognition, resolution, and recommendations.
Ad Hoc Research

We offer a range of ad hoc research services on request to fulfil your research needs that can be customised based on your research or business needs.

If you want to identify and evaluate market opportunities, compare your performance in a given activity against those in other enterprises, consider the business implication of emerging technology or societal/industry trends, find and assess technology or product/process innovation, and conduct innovation process improvement through case study evaluation, or simply locate experts, partners, collaborators, suppliers, we are here for you.

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